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Elevator Furnace for laboratory for sale

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 10/10/2017 03:41 AM


Main features:

Chamber refractory temperature conservation materials are imported folding fiber modules and aluminum oxide ceramic fiber products; which are with relatively low density,

And relatively low heat conductivity; this makes the chamber temperature highly stabilized and uniform.

* Heating elements are U-type si-mo rods that are distributed in a circle way; this is to guarantee a rational structure and balance temperature.

* The temperature-control system is made of multi-segment intelligent temperature-controllers, which guarantee stabilization and uniformity.

* The lifting device is a classic linear slider, which guarantees stable transportation and the convenience and safety of loading and unloading. ITO target materials sintering zirconium sintering annealing of highly-purified quartz quartz sintering furnace

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