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Hey if you are reading this then This Site is still under modification.

Working on it  just as fast as I can!  Hey if this seems unprofessional then that may be explined by the fact that this is a owner operator shop..


Products & Services


YOUR, custom milled or turned Automotive accessories:  Knobs, panels ( small ).  Fax or Email your requirements and I will return a quote on your part!


Providing you with the help that you need for the item that you want.


Suppporting my local suppliers

On the Superior Machine's link page Please check out some of my suppliers!


Superior Machine is a one person job shop.

I currently have one Haas VF-0 CNC mill, one Hardinge Cobra 42 CNC Lathe, one Robotool VM-1 cnc mill, one Hercules-Ajax 14 X 60 Manual Lathe, two Bridgeport J-head wannabe knee mills 2 bandsaws, grinders,  typical support tooling for inspection and more..  I have a larger selection of tooling available than the average one man shop. 

Superior Machine was started in 1966 and has been in continous operation ever since.  The company has had three owners.  I have owned the company since December of 2000.


Public Friendly


Here at Superior Machine we are happy to help the public with their personal home products.  Need a custom shift knob for your dad?  I have done that.  Need a custom inlay piece for your classic car's reverse scoop?  I have done that.  Need a replacement for your worn-out part?  I have done that, many times.

These are not inexpensive but at least I am happy to help you, get the machined item of your desires if that is possible...

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